Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ye Gods, it's 2010!

Greetings, Part Two!

I first wrote a post for this blog back in 2008, but never published it, for reasons that elude me but almost certainly had to do with deadlines, tea breaks, or the arcana of technology.  I have resurrected it here 'cause it's still woefully is still 'Coming Soon'--though wonder of wonders, my blog has stumbled onto the stage at last, thanks to years of gentle prodding by the ever-patient J. J., praise be.

To celebrate the occassion, I've uploaded two 'Hot Tips and How To' Booklets that I really meant to include in 'Shadowline--the Art of Iain McCaig', but for one reason or another ended up missing the train.  I originally created them for an online class that I gave for 'PixelCorp', a delightful school of scum and villany run by my old Star Wars brother-in-arms, Alex Lindsay. 

'How To Draw An Eye' is one of the first classes I teach my pupils.  The moment your characters actually seem to look back at you is the moment your drawing seems to come alive, so why not learn this one up front?  You've got to promise not to cheat and let your amazing eyes make up for not learning all the other stuff though, 'cause they will let you get away with a whole host of fumbles and badly drawn things. 

'Ocean Light' is one of the more advanced classes, right up there with Concept Art and Visual Storytelling.  I'll be posting more stuff from both of these categories as this blog blogs on, and all sorts of other stuff to do with storytelling, the universe, and everything.   

How often I make it back here depends on the whims of the Art Gods and Goddesses and the ubiquitous Deadlines, of course, but with a little luck, I should be able to top my current record of once every two years.

Happy Drawing!



anne said...

nice to see you posting sir :) thank you very much for your how to's.. i keep coming back to your shadowline book, i can't get enough of your lovely work. truly an inspiration.. thanks!

Christian Alzmann said...

HA!!! Love to see the posts Iain!!!

Joshua James said...


Kailash said...

I'm so glad to hear from you. I will check back here weekly to see if the dreaded deadlines got you or if you were able to slip away.

I listened to your podcast with a huge smile on my face. You are a storyteller and even when you talk about your experiences you tell it so vividly I can see it all unfold before my eyes.

You know, Shadowline and your Gnomon DVDs have changed the way I look to myself and my artwork. It's truly amazing how the fire within got lit again trough your work and publications.

I look forward to your second book, the new DVD's, the John Carter film and whatever you may publish over the years.

With much gratitude,

ccaprile said...

I'm so glad to see this! I have been using Shadowline and the Gnomon DVD's as well to give me inspiration. Whenever I feel in an artistic rut, i pull them out and get refueled. Thank you so much for that!

gcastro3d said...

Worth the wait!

James said...
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Jim Dallas said...

The elusive pimpernel makes a rare appearance......hi Iain, greetings from Glasgow, long time no see :)

Jackson said...

Yes! You've posted!

Jazmayeli de Escazu said...

Dear Iain, great to see you blogging. Have just returned from a 25 kilometre walk, the annual pilgrimage in Costa Rica, so have not had time to read it yet. But will do later today. I also have a blog:
Hope you are all OK...Love Caroline

crabfu said...

Priceless... please keep them coming!

Jussi Tarvainen said...

Mr. McCaig,

It is most peaceful or rather exiting thing to open your blog in random for the about 100th time and find it full of posts. It's alive:D So exited:) Thank you for the terrific posts, I'm off to train by you!

Have a great one!


Zombie Chicken Catcher said...

Wicked stuff mate.

Andrew said...

I believe your concept of soon may be a bit off kilter, but it all relative I suppose. Well worth the wait, great little tutorials.

Andrew Martin -

The Echo Inside said...

Aaah, I hope the Gods are kind and the deadlines even more so. Excellent information and the grin on that shark certainly brightened my day.

I've been hoping to hear/read more of your thoughts ever since I saw you at the Calgary Comic Con. As someone who hit the reset button on life to pursue art, it made an impact on me. Often, what is heard is incredibly negative, it adds to the challenge, and your words and energy... Well, I hope I do not forget them, I hope my passion parallels yours.

Thank you and be well =)

Heriberto Martinez said...

I decided to finally make a blogger when I stumbled across yours Iain.
I'm glad I looked at Academy of Art University's special guest presentations back in 2009, because I discovered the great man/artist that you are.
I even bought Shadowline and read every bit of it.
I'll be looking forward to more of your post(hopefully theGods will allow you) and continue soaking up all the tips/knowledge you provide us on the path as a Concept Artist/Illustrator.
Thank you! :)

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